Sunday, January 6, 2013

new year, new you, right?

IMG_0625 final

It's crazy when you finally cross that line into almost adulthood. For me it was sometime in 2012 - it all kind of happened at once. I got a job - my first REAL job. My first post-college adult job. And then I bought a car. wtf! I'm still in shock at the amount of money I am spending to buy that car.. not because it is a ridiculous amount but because it's just crazy that I am doing it - I probably won't spend that much again until I'm buying a home.  Blows my mind.

On the list for 2013: who knows! start blogging again?

photography: Samuel Alberti


  1. that all is good for u!
    happy 2013!!

  2. Please!! I've missed seeing you <3 Hoping this year will lead to even bigger better things for you! Go adult life!

  3. a friend told me about your blog, she likes how you dress and so as I. so... I'll be here very often!


  4. Beautiful pattern on the skirt.