Monday, June 3, 2013

"if you came here for the poppies, there are none."

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"If you came here for the poppies, there are none."  Exact words from the park ranger.  Because letting you know after you've arrived totally makes more sense than posting it on the website.  

A while back, a couple friends and I trekked to Antelope Valley to see the annual Poppy bloom only to find that there were none this year (oh hi, global warming). After driving an hour and a half from LA at 8am, we decided it only made sense to do a little dessert shoot (I mean... put 3 bloggers together in the dessert...what else would you expect?) and then the lack of flowers wasn't so bad!

photography by Arizka Sehoko


  1. Cute idea with the bandana!!

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
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  2. We can't get enough of denim this season - perfect summer staple but with endless possibilities!

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  4. Love it! Good thing that you put the bandana as belt. Great choice!

  5. This bandana reminds me of a similar one I used to have when I was 14 or something which I loved. Then I had bought another one which was yellow. Nice pictures and the scenery looks great!

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